Let’s Hear It For Ganja!

I’m becoming more and more unhappy about government curbs on many non-addictive drugs. We keep hearing about the use of psilocibin mushrooms in treating anxieties and depression. Studies at several university medical schools have shown that it is more effective than the psychotropic anti-depressants sold by Big Pharma with zero to few side-effects.

Now here is another study that shows the potential benefits of marijuana–even when not identified as “medical marijuana.”

This article is from the excellent source, Science Daily.


Featured Research

from universities, journals, and other organizations

Study finds less domestic violence among married couples who smoke pot

August 26, 2014
University at Buffalo
New research findings from a study of 634 couples found that the more often they smoked marijuana, the less likely they were to engage in domestic violence. “These findings suggest that marijuana use is predictive of lower levels of aggression towards one’s

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