Hamas Discovered by Media

The major news media have been AWOL during the Gaza conflict. They have not reported on Hamas tactics, strategies or Hamas’ war crimes. Moreover Hamas has fed them large amounts of rabid propaganda and the news media have duly reported it as news.

Only now, as the reporters and photographers pull out of the way of the Hamas terrorist reach and threats are some of them releasing accounts that contradict what they were shown. These include videos of Hamas setting up rockets near hospitals and in residential areas. Now they are beginning to report on the extent to which Hamas ran the same victims in front of the reporters several times in order to increase the count of the wounded children. It is reminiscent of the widely published photo, also published by Hamas some years ago, showing what purported to be six different bomb craters, but quickly demonstrated to be nothing but PhotoShop.

This article is well protected so that I am unable to copy it. That’s okay as the link is here:

The New Republic: What Took So Long?

Please use the link to read this report.


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