Not Mine

I received several very nice compliments in comments recently and I do appreciate the sentiments.

However, I need to once more emphasize that very little in this blog belongs to me. I take interesting information or opinions from a variety of news sources and simply share it with those who read this blog. While I do often add my own comments, the main story comes from another source like, Slate, This Week, In These Times, Haaretz, Science Daily and about 10 other sources that I either read or at least scan. Of course I do joyfully accept responsibility for my choice of stories to share.

For the record, before starting this blog, I did check on the legality and for several reasons it does fall into the category of fair use. I also queried three of the sources and got agreement from them. If I get a regular readership of hundreds and thousands, I would have to reconsider this, but so far I see no danger of this happening in my lifetime. đŸ˜‰

I endeavor to include a direct link back to the original story so you may read it there and, if you choose, subscribe to get future stories directly from the source.

Having said that, I do enjoy reading the comments, especially those which bring new information.




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