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I have been a Credo customer for many years. They have provided me with top quality service. In addition, however, they are the only cellular company that funds progressive causes. they are also the only one who has fought the warrantless wire-tapping and other excesses of the terror-state forces. (In fact they are involved in litigation right now, according to my information.)

They also send me regular updates about progressive political issues that I would best contact my congresspeople, Senators or the President about. (Of course you can opt not to get these.)

Credo uses the Sprint network. Some folk have pointed out that Sprint is not a union shop while AT&T is unionized. That is true, but AT&T also donates vast amounts of money to regressive politics and politicians. It also funds an army of lobbyists to fight the war against the middle and working class.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is the most popular feature-rich Android phone on the market today.

This email came today and while I am already a customer, I decided to pass it on. Two points: 1. They will give you a Galaxy SIII with your contract at no additional charge. 2. They will pay to buy out any contract you now have with another company up to $350.

I am a very happy Credo customer and am happy share this with you. Note that the end of this sale is Monday, the 8th of April.

Click here to go to the Credo Link.

 One week only—free Galaxy S III when you join by April 8 Need to unsubscribe?
  Just a reminder that our incredible offer—many of our best-selling phones FREE, including the Galaxy S III—expires Monday, April 8. And we’ve just introduced new, lower pricing for some of our monthly voice plans. Stuck in a contract? No worries. We’ll give you a CREDO credit to cover the cost of leaving your current phone company—up to $350 per line, for up to three lines.* And with CREDO, you get true unlimited data. So make the switch to the phone company that shares your progressive values—and get one of our best-selling phones free.  
Free Galaxy S III plus contract buyout credit up to $350*
  Raise your voice—with a free phone from America’s only progressive phone company.

There’s never been a better time to get a new phone—because now through April 8, almost all our phones are free. Take your pick from basic flip phones, messaging phones or smartphones like the top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S® III. One of the best-selling smartphones in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S® III is packed with incredible features, like a gorgeous 4.8” HD screen, a sophisticated camera with multiple shooting modes, Google Maps™, a replaceable battery and expandable memory. (Did we mention it’s free?)

Plus you can have unlimited fun because we offer true unlimited data (unlike those other carriers that throttle your speed).

Join the tens of thousands of activists who’ve become CREDO Mobile members. The math is simple: The more people who join CREDO Mobile, the harder we can fight for change.

Just in 2012, working through the CREDO SuperPAC, we defeated five of the worst Tea Party Republicans in Congress. And we launched more than 500 campaigns on issues like marriage equality, the environment and human rights. We’ve also grown our powerhouse CREDO Action network to more than 3 million activists, and our donations to progressive nonprofit groups now stand at more than $72 million since 1985—more than $2.8 million in 2012 alone.

Can you say that about your phone company?

So act by April 8 and get everything you expect from a mobile phone company—and a whole lot more:*

Free Galaxy S III plus contract buyout credit up to $350*  
An amazing selection of FREE phones
True unlimited data (unlike those other carriers that throttle your speed)
No contract for 30 days**
FREE shipping
The ability to keep your current phone number
CREDO Mobile network services are provided on the Nationwide Sprint® Network
Donations to progressive groups like Defenders of Wildlife, Democracy Now! and Planned Parenthood—at no extra cost to you

If you’re currently in a contract, you don’t have to wait to switch—you’ll get a CREDO bill credit if your current mobile phone company charges you a cancellation fee (up to $350 per line, for up to 3 lines transferred to CREDO).*

Join today and get any phone free. Offer expires April 8, 2013.


LG Rumor Reflex
LG Rumor Reflex™
Samsung Transform Ultra
Samsung Transform™ Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S® II
Samsung Galaxy S® III
Samsung Galaxy S® III  
  Which kind of company do you keep?
  Tea Party AT&T and Verizon Wireless have given $943,500 and $181,100 respectively to House and Senate Tea Party Caucus members since 2009—including Representatives Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Allen West (whom the CREDO SuperPAC helped defeat in November), and Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, the blowhard freshman from Texas. At CREDO, we blaze a different path. We’re one of the country’s biggest and most powerful forces for progressive social change with an activist network more than 3 million strong. And thanks to our customers, we’ve raised more than $72 million for progressive nonprofits like Rainforest Action Network, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

It’s time to switch to a company that shares your progressive values. Join CREDO Mobile today.

Turn your phone into a mobile hotspot
  Join us on Facebook and Twitter – get progressive news and more. Facebook  Tweet  
  * With two-year CREDO Mobile service agreement. Offer available only to new CREDO Mobile customers and subject to credit qualification. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Activation fee of $35/line applies. Rates do not include applicable taxes and surcharges or international charges. Data plan required for smartphones. Contract buyout credit: We will credit your CREDO Mobile account (up to $350 per line switched to CREDO, up to 3 lines) after you send us the contract buyout credit form, with proof of your prior carrier’s termination fee charges.

** No early termination fee for the first 30 days; all service charges and late/damaged equipment-return fees apply.

† Under CREDO’s arrangement with Sprint, CREDO members have access to service anywhere on the Nationwide Sprint Network, reaching more than 280 million people. Although Sprint provides CREDO members access to its wireless network and to its wireless services, CREDO is responsible to CREDO members for the services. Please call CREDO with any questions or comments about services. Sprint is a trademark of Sprint Nextel.

Sprint 4G LTE network is available in limited markets, on select devices.

Android, Gmail, Google, Google Maps and Google Play Store are trademarks of Google Inc.

AT&T is a registered trademark of AT&T Intellectual Property and is not associated with CREDO. Verizon Wireless is a trademark of Verizon Trademark Services, LLC and is not associated with CREDO.

Questions? Send us an email or write us at: 101 Market Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94105
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