Okay. Time for a little levity. This from Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 12/13/2012 5:35 pm EST  |  Updated: 12/14/2012 9:07 am EST

More than 1.2 million men grew out their moustaches in November to raise awareness for men’s cancers. Now, women want to throw away their razors for 30 days for just as good a cause.

For eight years now, Movember has encouraged guys around the world to grow out the hair on their faces for a month, in order to start conversations around and raise awareness for the often taboo topics of testicular and prostate cancers.

Tired of feeling excluded from the manly campaign, a few comedians got together to launch Decembeaver, an initiative that encourages women to stop shaving or waxing below the belt. While the concept is campy, Decembeaver’s founders seem serious in their goal to raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society.

In the “Goodbye Movember, Hello Decembeaver” spoof, three deadpan women make the case for declining to groom their lady parts in order to take a stand against cancer.

“Every year, as men grow out their moustaches for Movember. Women are left out,” one activist says in a YouTube video. “What can we not do? What can we stop doing?”

As Slate’s XX blog points out, “by including a link to the American Cancer Society’s website in the YouTube description, the video’s creators are sort of encouraging charitable giving. But they’re also skewering the rather narcissist Movember approach.”

And while the men in the video act visibly upset about the hair-raising campaign, the women explain why a dude who’s against Decembeaver just isn’t worth your time.

“If a guy gives you a hard time,” one woman states, “he must want you to get cancer.”


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