Mac Whirled

In the interest of protecting my many friends who are addicted to Apple and MacIntosh. Here’s the latest from Sophos–who are giving away a very capable Mac anti-virus for free. Go to and download it. You may wish you had.


Mac Malware

Some journalists were also commenting on Microsoft’s mention of the Mac Defender malware having been hosted on domains. Some suggested that this would stop the criminals from targeting OS X users.

The vanishing of Mac Defender is much more likely the result of Pavel Vabrlevsky being arrested and other FBI fake anti-virus arrests.

We have seen two new Trojans for OS X just this week which join botnets and can be used to steal sensitive data. One was built to look like a PDF file and the one Graham wrote about today pretended to be a Flash Player updater.

The sad fact is that Mac users are increasingly being targeted by these digital thugs and need to take security very seriously. Even without the threat from domains Mac users should take advantage of our free Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition.

The same as there are now botnets, data stealers and remote control malware for OS X, criminals will find domain name registration services other than

While all of us will be little safer without Kelihos and, we still need to take security seriously for our own piece of mind (and data security).


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