Joan Collins, Jane Fonda–and Sex Over 70

People with a healthy sex life cope better with ageing… just ask Jane Fonda

By Emily Andrews

Young at heart: Jane Fonda puts her happier life growing older down to maintaining a healthy sex lifeYoung at heart: Jane Fonda puts her happier life growing older down to maintaining a healthy sex life

It’s cheering news for anyone of a certain age. Those with a healthy love life cope better with ageing, a study has found.

Following the example of movie stars such as Jane Fonda and Joan Collins, women who are satisfied with their sex life are happier over all.

This holds true even when the actual level of sexual activity declines with age.

Reporting in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society, researchers looked at 1,235 women between the ages of 60 and 89.

It found that sexual activity was significantly lower in the older age groups – but they still reported being moderately or very satisfied with their sex lives.

This had an effect on their perceived quality of life, said Professor Wesley Thompson, one of the researchers who led the study.

Professor Thompson, of University of California San Diego, said: ‘Sexual satisfaction was not significantly associated with age. Although the levels of sexual activity and functioning did vary significantly, depending on the woman’s age, their perceived quality of life, successful ageing and sexual satisfaction remained positive.

‘What this study tells us is that many older adults retain their  ability to enjoy sex well into old age. This is especially true of older adults who maintain a higher level of  physical and mental health as they grow older.

‘Furthermore, feeling satisfied with your sex life – whatever your levels of sexual activity – is closely related to your perceived quality of life.

‘While we cannot assess cause and effect from this study, these results suggest that maintaining a high level of sexual satisfaction may positively reinforce other psychological aspects of successful ageing.’

Stay active: Joan Collins, in her latest book, talked about the importance of sex in older ageStay active: Joan Collins, in her latest book, talked about the importance of sex in older age

Jane Fonda, 73, has attributed keeping her good looks to a healthy love life and revealed that she  had some of her best-ever sex at the age of 71.
Explaining her decision to talk about sex for the over-70s, usually a taboo subject, in her latest  book Miss Fonda said: ‘I wasn’t trying to be shocking, but I go into details, and it seems to have shocked people.

‘I made a list of things to cover. I’m still sexually active. There are certain things that change as you age, and I wanted to talk about that.’

Joan Collins, in her latest book  serialised in the Daily Mail, also talked about the importance of sex in older age.

The 78-year-old actress said: ‘Let’s not forget the importance of sex when it comes to looking and feeling good.

Many of the world’s most celebrated women have been sexually active well into middle age and beyond.

‘The great French actress, Sarah Bernhardt, and the legendary designer, Coco Chanel, both had lovers well into their later lives.

‘Catherine the Great was reputed to have taken younger lovers to bed. Mae West, who lived to 90, had a live-in lover 45 years younger than she was.

‘When asked how she kept herself looking so young, she replied, “I go to bed early, I meditate, I eat all the right foods, I don’t smoke or  drink alcohol and I believe in myself with a passion. You can only beat nature when you show the bitch who’s boss!”

‘It is every adult’s prerogative to enjoy sex (although young people may not agree).’

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    Thanks, Now I know where to look for some of the research I was wanting to do on this subject.

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