Go Michel Temer!

Sorry. I love Brazil and am in the same age range as Michel Temer. I just couldn’t resist this story.

Marcela Temer, Brazil’s 27-Year-Old Second Lady, Makes Headlines (PHOTO, VIDEO)

First Posted: 01- 3-11 10:53 AM   |   Updated: 01- 3-11 12:03 PM

Scroll down for videos.

A woman is turning the heads of Brazilian politicos — aside from President Dilma Rousseff, that is. Meet Marcela Temer, the 27-year-old former model and beauty queen, and law school grad…and wife of 70-year-old Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer.

Reuters writes:

The blonde law school graduate met her husband seven years ago when she asked him for a photo at an event in her hometown in rural Sao Paulo state, and he requested her phone number in return.

Marcela spoke with Estadao.com.br about the age difference. Based on our translation, Marcela said, “Age doesn’t matter. It’s as though Michel was 30 years old. It’s funny to say, but it’s true….We have the life of any normal couple.” The two also have a young son.

Marcela mentioned her style, noting she dresses herself with the help of her mother but doesn’t have a stylist.

Reuters notes that the couple has been on the cover of nearly every local newspaper for the last few days. And Marcela has even been called the Carla Bruni of Brazil, to which her husband Michel reportedly said, “[Marcela] is discreet. She is my wife and the mother of my child.”

The front page of Jornal do Brasil on January 3:

Here’s Marcela speaking before the elections.


And here’s a video of her.


You can find more images of Marcela here.


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