Mad As Hell Doctors!

I sent this out earlier, but there was some problem with the posting so here it is again.

There are many issues that need addressing in the US and there always will be more. Right now, the state of health care is an abomination. Yes an important, but minor, health care initiative finally passed in March, not to be fully implemented until 2014. But it is so much less than what was really needed.

Who are the “Mad As Hell Doctors?”

Here is the “about” copy from their website. Go there for much more information.

Mad As Hell Doctors are physicians and other advocates who in August 2009 decided that we were indeed mad as hell about the cruel and inefficient system of health care that we have in the US.  Last September, as the healthcare debate raged in Congress, we embarked on three week road trip through the heartland of America, speaking at single payer rallies and town halls in churches and union halls,  universities, public parks and arts centers in 30 towns and cities in 15 states.  We attracted 6,000 participants and interviewed hundreds of Americans on camera.  We carried the message of their suffering under our current health care system to our Congress members in Washington, D.C.

Since returning from our caravan we have continued to press for single payer health care reform and other changes in our health care system that are needed to restore health for Americans individually and as a society.


  • All Americans deserve essential health care,
  • Servicing the for-profit private health insurance industry adds substantially to cost, has pressed our country to the brink of bankruptcy, and does not contribute anything to the well being of our citizens, and
  • Single payer systems around the developed world provide universal health care, at less cost, with better outcomes;

We recommend that

  • The Federal government provide essential health education and care to every American by designing and implementing a publicly accountable, single payer health care system, funded by taxpayers with the expressed goal of accomplishing the greatest health and least suffering at the least cost.
  • The Mad As Hell Doctors are coming to my town on September 25.

    Most of you are not from San Rafael or Marin County, but you might consider sponsoring their coming to your town too.

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