The Surveillance Society-The Chip

If you read my blog, you know that I am concerned by the trend toward tracking and surveiling so-called free citizens. I rant and rail against survelance cameras on public streets, the increasing effort to read all your email, the over-reach of phone tapping and other efforts by both government and business to know who, where and what about each of us.

Government, at its best, is simply the way that free citizenry organizes itself to jointly accomplish its choice of actions. At its worst, it is the way totalitarian forces control the individual citizens; dividing them from each other to make the citizens even less able to act counter to authority. In almost all cases, it is private business that controls the totalitarian government. This is what is called Fascism. Yes, it is true that another form of totalitarian government was the “Communist” form, but this form has all but disappeared. The Fascist form is still present in various degrees in many countries and often allies itself with authoritarian religion–fundamentalism.

I have lived in such a country. Brazil, in the 1960s and 1970s (and early ’80s) was run by the military, for the wealthy elites and large corporations. They were part of a continent-wide alliance of similar governments who invented the verb form to disappear someone. They disappeared thousands of labor, liberal and progressive leaders, tortured thousands more, including one of my friends, and murdered many others–again, including two of my friends. (Some day I will tell about these three magnificent people, martyrs and heroine. The ability of the Brazilian military to accomplish this repression was enormously helped by IBM, the manufacturer of computers and punch card readers. I had a chance to visit the facility used by the political police with its rows and rows of  Hollerith, punch card readers–provided by International Business Machines, Inc. This is the same IBM who provided machines to the Nazi regime to let them improve their efficiency in murdering Jews, Gypsies, Gays and others.

The following story is about an IBM-related company which would like to sell you a microchip so you can be tracked. The system has tested in your pet and is now ready for use in people.  Story is from Op-Ed News.

Verichip is now called PositiveID! Roll up your sleeve for the implantable human microchip, it’s now Positive?

By Greg Nikolettos Page 1 of 5 page(s)
As sure as the sun rises, so Verichip keeps spawning and shape shifting to gain market acceptance as people from across the globe unite and reject the IBM seed-funded, Raytheon-manufactured Human Implantable microchip company.

To “mark’ a new year, Verichip is now called PositiveID!. If you have followed this company’s progress as we have and cited the damning evidence showcasing a casual link between microchipping and cancer⁴, Verichip is certainly not positive. But in this world of semantics and double speak, no doubt a CEO meeting along with other top execs decided that throwing the word “Positive” in the title would make Alzheimer patients who get microchipped without their consent less hesitant as their sleeve was rolled up in the name of “wander protection’. “Was that a needle?” asks the patient? “No! it was a mosquito bite, you have Alzheimer’s, remember?”
What has changed in 2010?

Well, Verichip/PositiveID has a new marketing and media relations company! Just as all actors in Hollywood require an agent to handle their image as they enter the market, so Verichip/PositiveID has decided to do the same.
The company taking over Verichips/PositiveID media relations and corporate communications is Gibraltar⁵. A company who has close ties with the Clinton administration, expertise in biotech, energy and of course as a company who has excellent inroads into government, Gibraltar even has the mandatory Washington office!
Why this recent appointment?Verichip/PositiveID has been pummeled on the NASDAQ , having been delisted in March 2009, but staging a comeback to have their stock regain NASDAQ Compliance⁸ in October 2009. Verichip/PositiveID stock has been crushed from a high of just over $10 down to a humiliating low of $0.24 cents.

Why this backlash? It’s a human implantable microchip and that does not sit well with the Ma and Pa investor. Who in their right mind invests in a company whose product causes tumors? Who in their right mind invests in a company that microchips Alzheimer patients without their consent? As Verichip/PositiveID’s stock price today indicates, not many individuals and certainly not investment companies who are minimizing risk in the current economy.
Regardless of what happens on the stock market, the fact is Verichip is not going away. Why? Because their seed funding originates from the information giant IBM who has over 407,000 employees worldwide. Nothing like having a Big Blue Sugar Daddy watching over you in this financial climate, especially one that writes off a $60 million dollar loan to ensure the human microchipping agenda is in place for “future’ generations. $60 million is chickenfeed to a company who turns over 100 billion US dollars a year. Yes sir, the IBM Hollerith Machine Punch Card system was very profitable in WWII, cleverly “leased” to the Nazi regime to create enabling technologies to identify and catalog non-compliant peoples.

IBM custom-designed and constantly updated the Hollerith Machine using the punch-card system and thus Hitler was able to automate his persecution of the undesirables. But let’s remember Hitlers Mantra “Jews are evil, Negros are despicable, Gypsies simply could not stay put, wandering all over the place and homosexuals, well we all know what filthy acts they get up to!! Hitlers remedy? Zyklon B, the brand name of the cyanide-based pesticide used in the Holocaust gas chambers !

The Zyklon B patents were owned by a little company called IG Farben who was also in bed with John D. Rockefeller’s United States based Standard Oil Co. during the reign of the Third Reich, but that’s another story altogether.

Agfa, BASF, and Bayer continue today after the buyout of IG Faben Western Assets, showing that you can’t keep a good criminal company down. But let’s remember, we all need to be more forgiving as BASF manufactured excellent magnetic recording cassette tapes in the 80s-90s as acid house music merged and fused into techno.

Buckle Up!

There are four more pages in this story. You can read them at. . .

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